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burgas dating

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Full search options are on the right side and top of the page. APOLLONIA DEL PONTO Sozopol Burgas, E Bulgaria.

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On the W coast of the Black Sea, a Milesian colony Ps. Two large gates and an island are known where the celebrated Sanctuary of Apollo and the major part of the ancient city were situated. A Greek inscription records the reconstruction of the ruined city and of the famous burgas dating by a Thracian tribe.

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The Imperial coins continue to use the name Burgas dating until the 3d c. During the Byzantine Empire Sozopol was the seat of a bishop, a rich and prosperous city that was frequented by the Genoese until it fell under Turkish domination in Today it is a modest town. Nothing of the ancient city remains visible above ground.

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Early excavations furnished little clarification. It is certainly on the island of St. Ciriaco where the stele of Anaxandros was found that the Temple of Apollo must be sought since all the material found inincluding a series of terracotta figurines datable to the 6th c.

burgas dating

George there are traces of Byzantine construction. Both older and more recent excavations at Kalfata and burgas dating port of Giardino brought to light rich Greek necropoleis containing painted funerary vases dating between the 5th and the 2d c. The promontory is called Cape Kolokuntas pumpkins because of the great number of tumuli in the area.

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They are scattered over the upland and contain dromoi and funerary chambers, as was the Thracian custom. For the Temple of Apollo, Kalamis made the bronze statue of the god ca. The symbolic lion of Apollo is found on the coins of Apollonia. There are many inscriptions and also an important decree. The only notable monument surviving is the stele of Anaxandros, now in the National Museum of Sofia. It is a masterpiece of Ionic art from the end of the 6th c.

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At the Louvre is a fragment of a slab from Apollonia in the archaic Ionic style. Seure, RevArch ; F. Bilabel, Die Jonische Kolonisation ; G. Mihailov, Inscriptiones graecae in Bulgaria repertae, ; I.

Venedikov et al.

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Dimitrov, Ann. Sofia fac. FROVA The Princeton encyclopedia of classical sites. Stillwell, Richard. MacDonald, William L. McAlister, Marian Holland.

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burgas dating

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