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Hart Story Editors: Todd W. Nachbar, Sue Bea Belknap Executive Story Editor: Mark B. Perry Story Editors: Eric Gilliland, Mark Levin, Jeffrey Stepakof The People Fred Savage Kevin Arnold «No matter who we talked to in terms of casting directors, everyone said the same thing. We had to look at Fred Savage.

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We screened some footage on him, and all felt strongly that he would be perfect. He's incredibly knowledgeable about camera and he's really genuine.

It's like working with a Mozart. The kid is just amazing.

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And you couldn't just depend on Kevin's cute little smile to pull you out of a situation. It's become a little bit more of a challenge to address his adolescence, and not rely too much on the cuteness of the situation.

Langen, Story Editor «The thing that I was probably proudest of about that episode [«Good-bye»] was that in the long run it was not specifically a weeper, which I never wanted it to be.

I thought there was a strength in it. I thought at the end of the episode where Kevin Arnold walks down the hallway, there was a manliness to him, which I had wanted to accomplish. I wanted an episode where he accepted being a man.

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Much of Kevin's strength is provided by one of the finest young actors in Hollywood today, Fred Savage. In his hands, between seasons one and four, we've seen Kevin develop and grow as a human being as Savage grew up.

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Kevin began as a year-old boy josh mann celebs go dating to come to grips with the metamorphosis of his life through adolescence and the era he is growing up in. Through the ensuing years, he's become a young adult ready to deal with relationships and take the plunge into his teenage years.

Savage, through his considerable talent, is able to take the audience along for his journey through life, making us reflect on our own and perhaps allowing us to learn something about ourselves. I didn't get it and six months later the same director held another audition.

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I didn't get it again. Six months later, the director called and I was cast in a Pac Man vitamins commercial.

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I did commercials for two years, then I got into movies. I did quite a few and I was in a TV series called Morning Star, Evening Star. It only lasted six weeks. His film credits include The Princess Bride, The Boy Who Could Fly, Little Monsters, The Wizard and Vice Versa.

It was just a terrific script, so special and something so terrific, we flew to LA and read for the producers, and then for network approval and they approved.

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Even if I get zits. I see Kevin as just a typical kid growing up in the late 's. He's very shy. He has a non-stop fear of the men in his family. His older brother's always beating up on him and everyone's afraid of his dad.

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He's sort of insecure, especially around girls. But I think he's a cool kid. He's a normal kid. If there wasn't any narration, my [facial reactions to things] would be too much.

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The narration lets me play around with it. What they do is, when we're filming one of the scenes, fragen zum date kennenlernen someone off stage reading the narration where it should be in the show, so we get the timing josh mann celebs go dating the reactions right.