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Homeoffice Learn how to draw animals and plants Mastering the art of drawing flora and fauna requires lots of practice and can be a lot of fun. Plants and flowers, meanwhile, make excellent still life studies, whether drawn scherzend flirten 9 buchstaben or out.

Dogs Learning how to draw a dog requires you to think about how to represent them using simple shapes.

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That means a basic circle for the head, a larger oval for the upper body and a smaller circle or oval for the rear. Cats As with dogs, working out how to draw a cat is all about getting the shapes right before you move onto adding curves and shade.

In both cases, use simple circles and ovals to represent the head and upper and lower body. Look at photos of cats and cat skeletons to help you work out the structure. Focus on getting the curves on the back and legs right next, while ensuring the face and its features are in proportion.

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If the latter feels challenging, try using grid lines to get eyes, mouth and ears in the right place. These can be easily erased afterwards.

Horses Any art historian will tell you that it took even the best artists years to work out how to draw a horse. Start with a waved line that runs convex from the top of the head, before becoming concave across the back and convex towards the tail.

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Draw an oval directly beneath the middle of the back and a circle for the head. Overlapping ellipses should represent the chest and hindquarters, with a basic curve for the front of the neck. Add in a simple muzzle to the front of the head and simple legs and feet.

From here you can refine and erase any lines and add facial features. For this, use pictures of birds found online or in bird books.

Learn how to draw animals and plants

A straight line out from the head will give you scope for drawing a beak, with a similar line from the rear of the body acting as the tail. Add diagonal lines from the body to the tail to make the main shape look more birdlike, with curves between the body and head too. Once you have this basic shape you can add detail to the beak, eyes and begin to add feathers.

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The latter will vary depending on what kind of bird you draw, so study images closely and keep practicing. And while their mythical status is assured, you can take inspiration from nature when it comes to putting pencil to paper.

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As with dogs, start with two circles for the upper and lower body and a circle for the head, connected via two curved lines for a long neck. Use upwards curved lines that taper for the tail and an angled line from the upper body for the outline of wings. From here you can get creative, making the face scary or single flower petals clip art depending on the personality you want to give your creation.

The Olivia Flower Pattern - How to Crochet a Simple Flower (Easy Tutorial) 🌺

Study the scales on reptiles to give the skin a realistic finish. Flowers Learning how to draw flowers is something we try over and over as children.

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And that means they can be a great way to reignite a love of drawing. Single flower petals clip art things simple. Use a curved line to represent the stem, then a large circle for the outline of the flower itself.

A smaller circle at the top of the stem should represent the center of the flower. Flowers with petals that rise around each other, such as roses, can be started with simple U shapes, with diagonal lines placed across the U to showcase detail.

Trees It can be tempting to draw a tree in an overly simplistic style, making it look unrealistic in the process.

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Draw a trunk with a wide base that curves slightly inwards and then upwards. Add outlines of large branches, then add rough, scratched marks around these to represent leaves. You can then define branches using thicker pencils, ideally in places where there is no leaf cover.

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Use the same pencils to add rough bark and then harder pencils to make leaves look clearer. Draw realistic plants and animals. Get started with Wacom One or Wacom Intuos.

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Wacom One creates a pen-on-paper feeling, thanks to a The pen feels light and natural in your hand and transforms into a pencil, paintbrush or chalk in your selected software. It can even be used as an eraser.

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All you need for drawing realistic plants and animals. Creative software comes included, along with the ability to connect to your Mac or PC, as well as certain Android devices.

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