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This article is part of a series on European innovation and capabilities. Even if it is still two guys! SPRIND is creating spaces for innovatorswhere they can take risks and think radically different: With an entrepreneurial environment to bring ideas to the market and enthusiasm for progress with sustainable value. The original podcast can be found on the SPRIND siteon Spotifyon Apple or on Deezer.

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Thomas: Thanks for listening to SPRIND, the podcast of the Federal Agency for Disruptive Innovation of Germany, in which we talk with people who think about the new in new ways.

Our guest today is from the Netherlands. His name is Bert Hubert. He has also throughout his career, worked intensely with intelligence agencies, and is now a board member of the Investigatory Powers Commission of the Dutch Intelligence and Security Services.

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Thanks for joining Bert, Welcome! Bert: Thank you. You try to condense it into two words, which are geeky entrepreneur.

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How did you happen to become one? Bert: So a bit of my background. I started my first company when I studied physics.

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And back then, when people launched companies, these were all very much around novel business plans and marketing and sales. And after a while, LinkedIn came along, and I had already done many different things at that time.

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And LinkedIn forces you to say, Well, what are you then? The entrepreneur part says, Look, I started companies, and I run things. Thomas: You started off your career as a hacker if I understand it, right? Bert: Yeah, that was a good opportunity.

single taken busy building my empire meaning

My university town, we got the first cable modems and I, of course, really, really, really needed the cable modem because the telephone costs were driving me bankrupt. And so I was one of the first 30 customers of this cable company, and I got this cable modem and I switched it on, I partnersuche ältere frau jüngerer mann to investigate the network and then see what was there. And I found that the security of the cable company was just not there.

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So I could log in on servers and send people messages and stuff. So I sent them messages on their own servers. I said, Look, the security is not good. So I went there, and on my way on my bicycle there, I thought, well, I might get arrested by now. And I did that as single taken busy building my empire meaning contractor.

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That was really the start of my business empire laughs. Bert: Yeah, it started small.

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So I had this job at the cable company. And after a while, I wanted to get out. And they bribed me with, just well, very scary amounts of money, especially for a 24 year old student. So Sexy senioren dating stayed for another year there.

single taken busy building my empire meaning

And that provided the launching capital for for my first company called PowerDNS. And there we really started as computer programmers trying to solve a problem. But young people have no idea what a phone book is, so that no longer works. And, back in the day, all that infrastructure was being maintained by hand using text files, and our innovation, and it is not a big innovation, was: how about we use a database for that. Thomas: Sounds like a very useful innovation!

Bert: And single taken busy building my empire meaning were really the first ones to do it.

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And it was even borderline illegal, because the internet standards at the time explicitly said you have to use a text file.

And that creates a lot of space. Thomas: Even in in an open source environment, like the backbone of the internet. So we started out as a closed source company, flirten wochen you have to realize, if you sell closed source software, you need a big sales force, you need a little sales effort.

So we actually, we were like, sort of these open source kind of people, writing closed source software. And we sold nothing, nothing at all. And only later did we turn it into open source.

SPRIND Podcast Transcript: Innovation, Europe, Secret Services - Bert Hubert's writings

And actually, that turns your innovation into its own sales force. Because people can just start testing your software, they can figure out if it works, they can even enhance it, and then later, you can turn that into business. But when you start something, either you have to be open so that everyone can can play with it. Or you need to be closed and have this big sales force going on. And yeah, we made the wrong choice initially. Thomas: And then you switched?

single taken busy building my empire meaning