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On Friday May 10th Marie Trainer fell ill with what everyone thought was flu like symptoms. On Saturday May 11th, in the early morning hours she was rushed to Alliance Community Hospital and began the fight for her life.

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That evening she was sent to Aultman Hospital MICU. She was in and out of consciousness and complaining of excruciating hand and leg pains.

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On Sunday May 12th she could no longer breath on her own and was put on life support and placed partnersuche evangelisch a medically induced coma.

On Monday May 13th the family received devastating news that the unknown source of her illness had attacked the small vessels in her arms, hands, legs and feet.

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The mysterious infection had yet to reveal its self and her organs were shutting down. With little options left, the family chose to go to Cleveland Clinic for a third opinion.

In the early evening of May 13th Marie was loaded into a helicopter and life flighted to Cleveland MICU.

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The following morning the family was given the same grave news that to survive Marie would have to have amputations of her arms and legs. To keep her close to home, family and the doctors we know single taken tacos shirt decision was made to bring her back to Aultman.

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En route to Aultman from Cleveland we received a call that the mystery had reared its face- capnocytopaga canimorsus. It was just a random and rare occurrence that caused the perfect storm within her body resulting in the devastating illness.

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That bacteria was confirmed at two different hospital labs. Waiting for Marie at Aultman Hospital was Dr. Ajay Seth. She was admitted to the SICU and taken straight to surgery.

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Large clots were removed from the arms in attempt to save some of her arms and hands. In the days and weeks to follow we learned that the infection had caused too much damage to the muscles and the decreased blood flow would result in her having to have amputations of her legs, hands and most of her arms.

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